Building a Modern Grid

Grid Action is committed to building a modern, reliable, cost-effective electric transmission system to achieve greater security, reliability, affordability, and sustainability of electric power service in the United States.

About Us

Grid Action advocates for policies that will expand the North American transmission grid to deliver clean, reliable, and affordable power to all communities.

Policy Priorities

Grid Action supports legislation that will help the U.S. rapidly scale up its transmission infrastructure. Our areas of focus include:

Tax credits, loans, and grant programs to encourage large-scale transmission buildout

Efficient siting and permitting

Early and meaningful engagement with impacted landowners and communities

Improved collaboration between states and regions to build long-distance transmission

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Why Do We Need Transmission?

America’s transmission system is outdated and insufficient to meet the country’s evolving energy demands. Building new transmission will provide a broad range of benefits, including:

Improved electric reliability and resilience during extreme weather

Lower power generation costs for consumers

Adoption of new renewable resources

Greater protection against physical and cyber attacks on the grid